A Teacher plays an extremely important role in a student’s life. In this ever-evolving world, a teacher needs to learn & develop as per the requirements of the society.
A “school teacher” is one that is focused on the success of the school as a whole.  They know that every child within the school is the responsibility of all staff, not just the ones that teach them directly.  What they do within their classroom one year, will directly affect what happens to that child later on in school, and in reality, can impact them for life.  We, at Kumaon Public School, ensure that teacher-student interaction and ratio are optimised.

Find below our list of faculty and their qualifications

Senior Secondary Faculty (P.G.T)

  • Mr. Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, M.A (English literature) B.Ed.
  • Mrs. Sweta Adhikari, M.Sc (Botany) B.Ed.
  • Mr. Vinay Sati, M.Com., MBA, B.Ed.
  • Mr. Deep Chandra Kandpal, M.Sc (Physics) M.Sc Computer Science (Gold medalist) B.Ed.
  • Mr. Tribhuwan Tiwari, M.A (Hindi & Sanskrit ) B.Ed.
  • Mr. Tribhuwan Negi, M.A (Economics) B.Ed.
  • Ms. Kavita Pandey, M.Sc (Zoology & Chemistry) B.Ed.
  • Mr. Yogesh Upadhyay, M.Sc (Mathematics) B.Ed.


  • Mr. Hem Chandra Bhatt, M.Com.
  • Mrs. Hemlata Pandey, M.A (English & Education) B.Sc , B.Ed. & C.T.E.T
  • Mrs. Hemlata Tripathi, B.Sc B.Ed.
  • Mrs. Basundra Pal, B.A B.Ed.
  • Ms. Bhawana Upadhyay, M.Sc (Physics) B.Ed., T.E.T I & II
  • Mrs. Chandra Sijwali,  M.A (Hindi & Education)
  • Ms. Deepa Mehra, B.C.A
  • Mrs. Hema Kabadwal, B.Sc, B.Ed.
  • Mrs. Jyoti Rana, M.A (English) B.Ed.
  • Mrs Janki Adhikari, M.A (English) B.Ed.
  • Ms. Shruti Sah, M.A (English & Sociology)B.Ed.
  • Mrs. Usha Rani Sarkar,  M.A (Praveen Kala)
  • Mrs. Vimla Nandy, Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A)
  • Mr. Hemant Kumar, M.Sc, (Chemistry)B.Ed.


  • Mrs. Champa Negi, M.A (Economics)
  • Mrs. Kamlesh Bhatt, M.A (Political Sci., English)B.Ed, C.T.E.T
  • Ms. Usha Mathpal, M.A (English),E.T.E, C.T.E.T
  • Mrs. Savita Bhatt, M.A, N.T.T
  • Mrs. Bhawan Rana, B.A, DELED.
  • Ms. Himani Mathpal, M.A, N.T.T
  • Mrs. Neetu Bisht, M.A. DELED-2nd
  • Mrs. Kamla Tripathi, M.A DELED.
  • Mrs. Neha Tiwari, M.Com. (HR), Financial Diploma from N.I.I.T.
  • Ms. Hema Rana, B.Tech. (Computer Science)

Sports Faculty

  • Mrs. MAMTA RANA, P.T.I
  • Ms. Krishna Bisht, P.T.I Diploma in yoga,


  • Mr. Praveesh Sah, B.A, B.Lib., D.Lib

Official Staff

  • Mr. Bhupal Singh Adhikari, B.Sc, P.G.D.C.A
  • Mrs. Tara Joshi, M.A.(Hindi)
  • Ms. Hema Patwal, B.A

Support staff

  • Mrs. Bhagwati Rawat, 10th
  • Mrs. Deepa Negi
  • Mrs. Geeta Khati , 10th
  • Mrs. Neema Negi, 12th
  • Mrs. Leela Rana
  • Mrs. Laxmi Rana
  • Mrs. Rekha Dhondiyal
  • Mrs. Asha

Drivers & Conductors

  • Mr. Dayal Giri & Mr. Madan Kanyal
  • Mr. Puran Singh Bisht & Mr. Shankar Singh
  • Mr. Amar Singh Negi & Mr. Pradeep Nayak
  • Mr. Deepak Rautela & Mr. Khyali Ram
  • Mr. Girdhar Rana & Mr. Umed Singh
  • Mr. Sunder Singh Kirola & Mr. Pooran Harbola
  • Mr. Raju & Puran Singh Atwal
  • Mr. Rajendra Singh Negi & Mr. Kundan Singh Bisht
  • Mr. Pratap Singh Bisht
  • Mr. Ramesh Chandra