Quiz Competition

Though quiz team competitions are often viewed as the pursuit of trivial knowledge, they encourage students to achieve academic excellence and increase their awareness of the world around them. We regularly conduct internal quizzes for our members and other school student organizing quiz team for other external competition too.

• Test students’ accumulation and retention of knowledge in a real life situation.
• Recognize and appreciate non-traditional values for competition.
• Helps build self-esteem and school pride.
• Empower students with a new understanding of what has been,what is now, and what can be.
• Provide opportunities for faculty, students, parents and the community to work together.

Competitions involves students depending on the resources, amount of time, and facilities available for the competition. The methodis the same for each type of competition, but the amount of time and resources needed is proportional to the number of students involved. You may consider a student competition which takes place in several classrooms independently, or you can organize an inter-school competition with regional or district schools. Inter-school competitions encourage school pride and build excellence. Participating schools often reexamine their curriculums to ensure that their students are competitive.

Quiz Competition Independence quiz competition was held on 29th August 2018 ( Wednesday) between four houses Nanda Devi, Neelkanth, Panchachuli, Trishul.
Winner in senior – Trishul ; Runner-up team -Nanda devi
Winner in junior – Trishul ; Runner-up team -Neelkanth and Nanda devi.




Debate Competition

A School debate is an effective way to improve the speaking, researching, reading, writing, reasoning and persuasion skills of your students. By conducting classroom debates, We encourage our students to participate in such debates held in the school, which helps them for the future, where they may have to argue professionally in a workplace setup. The aim of the competition is to hone public speaking skills of the students and teach them to be articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions.The participants speaking for both ‘for’ and ‘against’ the motion debated enthusiastically.
Last academic year, Panchacholi house was declared the winner for the session.

Co-Curricular Activities held in the Session 2018-2019

Jhora Participation – After basketball competition for fun school children participated in Jhora (Folk Dance of Uttarakhand)on 13th April 2018 . It is a group dance wearing colorful dresses with lot of ornaments all together 750 students participated in different songs like Binta ki syari mai, Pahada ka daju, Mat piyo saraba, Chandigarh lare lagi re.
Poem Recitation – This competition held in school on 05th July 2018 in this competition 48 students of class 1st participated with the help of judges two of the students received first prize (Navnidhi Kandpal) (Manas Joshi).
Poem Recitation – On 6th of July 2018 class 2nd & 3rd poem recitation competition was held 76 students participated in this competition after a tough selection our judges selected three of the students in first place. Parth Pandey (class II), Manvi Sah (class III), Anshita Paul (class III).
Story Telling Competition – Story telling completion held on 07th of July 2018 (Saturday) in this completion 125 student of class 1st to 3rd participated students who all got first prize are like this as per judges view (Rahul Adhikari, Manas Joshi, Pratush Pathak from Ist class) (Parth Pandey from IInd class) (Anshita, Niharika Mohan from IIIrd class).
Story Telling Competition – Held on 9th of July 2018 (Monday) class IV to V 98 students had participated in this competition judge for this completion was Mrs. Vimla Nandy in this event two students of IV class(Mimansh Kala, Shivanshi Bhatt) and two of V class (Kartik Durgapal, Rudraksh Tiwari) received the first prize.
Poem Recitation Competition – Held on 11th of July 2018 (Wednesday) in supervision of Mrs. Vimla Nandy and Mrs. Jyoti Rana 88 students of class IV to V had participated in this competition. (Hardik Sati, Shivanshi Bhatt) of class IV & (Kanishka Kannojiya, Yash Chaudhary ) class V received the first prize.
Inter house Solo Singing Competition (Junior & Senior) – On 14th August 2018 (Tuesday) our school Senior (IX to XII) & Junior (VI to VIII) student had participated in patriotic and devotional solo song. There were four students of each houses there were three judges Mrs. Usha Sarkar, Krishna Bisht and Hemant Kumar in senior team Panchachuli and runner-up team was Neelkanth and in junior team Panchachuli and runner-up team was Trishul.
Hindi and English Calligraphy Competition – Hindi and English Calligraphy Competition held on 18th August 2018 (Saturday), Ist to VIII classes students participated in this competition. Fifteen students in hindi and Fifteen students in English got the first place among (480 students).
Rakhi Making Competition – Held on 23rd August 2018 (Wednesday) 300 students from IV to VIII classes had participated in this competition ten students got first place by teachers.
Mehandi Competition – Held on 1st of September 2018 (Saturday) classes VII to XII had participated in this completion. Best eleven students were selected by teachers among VII to XII class students.
Mask Making Competition – On 4th September 2018 (Tuesday) mask making completion was held classes IV to VIII students participated in this completion. Ten of the students received first place.
Diya Making Competition – On 3rd November 2018 (Saturday) in this competition VII and VIII classes students had participated in the supervision of class teachers four students got first prize.(Barkha Kaira, Chavi Bisht, Anshita Bhatt, Prakriti).
Rangoli Competition – On 3rd November 2018 (Saturday) the rangoli competition held in the school during diwali every year by the IX and XI class students. XI class won the competition.