Computer Lab

Computer Lab Facility

Computer labs are as outdated as desktop computers and if you think they are outdated then you need to reexamine what is done in the modern workplace, CAD, Video editing or any number of creative pursuits are done using a desktop computer where large desktop real-estate often multi-monitor comes to the fore. New portable devices also have their place but it’s not a matter of old/new but horses for courses. Keep in mind ICT is about the Information not computers with today’s computing device begin tomorrows e-waste, the information is what keeps moving forward. As any educator knows it takes more than just access to information to educate. Easy reliable access to information is the starting point not the end. I keep hearing ’21st century learning’ as if it means something but I’ve found it to be little more than a vacuous changeable clich. The real challenge is not about how rooms are laid out or what tech is available it’s producing a culture when students value learning. Respect for others and their work environment is part of that and these lab rules reflect that respect not only for others but themselves. Our School provide the Computer Lab Facility for every student. Every student to grow up knowledge about the computer. Everey student will be know about the computer related information. The basic level computer information is mandatory for every student. In the 21st century computer knowledge is mandatory for every student. If any student to become carrier in the computer field in future its so important knowledge about the computer. In our lab computer is provide for every student.Our facility teach the computer for every student from the starting level..